Break the barriers of Distributed Flexibility

We provide decentralized, low-cost, transparent control of small loads to balance the grid.

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Our software facilitates the aggregation and control of distributed flexible energy resources in order to deliver transparent, secure, reliable, and timely energy flexibility to grid operators.

The first resource we chose to integrate are electric vehicles, but home-batteries, heat pumps and small generation units will come soon.


Our technology monitors the electricity flow among small electricity sources and the consumers’ flexible availability. The critical data is recorded and used to verify that all the transactive energy services actually occur as reported, and to manage the financial settlement among all the parties involved.

More efficient grid operation,
more green energy.

By relying on distributed flexibility, grid operators can cut OPEX (e.g. redispatch of renewables) and CAPEX (e.g. grid reinforcement). They also achieve a more efficient grid operation, increasing the integration of renewable energy into the system.

Customer loyalety
and engagement.

We lower the barrier to entry to electricity markets, allowing more customers to participate. Thanks to our underlying advanced technology, our gamification scheme based on near real-time rewards is 96% cheaper.

Transparency, trust
and seamless cooperation.

All the players involved in distributed flexibility (DSO, TSO, BRP, supplier, customer) can simultaneously always own and have access to all the data, making cooperation among so many entities much easier.

« The only aspects of the smart grid that can be truly smart are the people within it »


The platform uses edge computing, blockchain (EWF Tobalaba based on Ethereum) and p2p network (Whisper communication protocol) to efficiently and cheaply manage and control flows of electricity, data and currency among numerous devices.

Open and collaborative

Leveraging blockchain technology, the platform is hosted and sustained by its own users offering unprecendented active collaboration.

High performance
and reliability.

We rely on an interlinked blockchain construction: scheduling and aggregation occurs off-chain, resulting data is stored on EWF PoA blockchain, while value storage and exchange is externalized to public Ethereum chain.

Near real-time
automated DR event.

Blockchain allows the distributed management of distributed resources. Getting rid of the inefficiencies of centralized control systems, the response time to grid events a matter of seconds .


We have. the right team in place with a complementary skillset to make FlexiDAO successful in the market.

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Co-founder, CEO

Electricity markets and energy managememt

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Co-founder, CTO

Blockchain and Energy guru

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COO & Business Development

Ex Baine & ex Google


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Sales Director - Meyer Burger AG

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Andreas Sumper

UPC, co-funder of TeknoCEA

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Climate Finance &
Cleantech Seed-Investor

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Managing Director &
CFO - innogy Spain


FlexiDAO is part of the InnoEnergy Highway Acceleration program .

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